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Data Managment Review

All IVF clinics are faced with the complex data management tasks of maintaining records to comply with HFEA requirements and managing related information about patients, treatment cycles, appointments and waiting lists.

In many cases this information is spread across multiple databases, diaries and paper systems, resulting in delays, inefficiency and frustration.

The Data Management Review is a free service for IVF clinics that wish to address these issues.

What is a Data Management Review?

The Data Management Review is a thorough examination of the primary data handling processes (both electronic and manual) used within the clinic.

It has 3 main sections:

1. Review processes and data storage
Success rate statistics, Appointment setting, Patient records & test results, Clinical procedures & consultation, Embryology laboratory management data, HFEA reporting

2. Investigate key areas for improvement
Known faults with existing processes, Bottlenecks and crunch points, Desired capabilities and enhancements

3. Summarise operational structure
IT infrastructure & resources, Number of sites, Number of data users

The on-site component of the review is conducted by a database consultant from NSR Software Solutions and normally takes half a day.

What does it deliver?

Following the site visit, the consultant will develop a detailed data management plan to address the key areas for improvement identified. Typically the plan will contain the following sections:

  • Status Summary
  • Desired Improvements
  • Overview of ACUBase solution
  • ACUBase Implementation Proposal

How will a Data Management Review help my clinic?

Implementing changes to the complex processes and systems found in most IVF clinics is not simply a question of getting some new software.

Clinics are naturally concerned about a wide number of issues in this regard:

  • What will the real benefits be?
  • How easy will the system be to use?
  • Will it reflect our unique working practices?
  • How much disruption will be caused by a new implementation?
  • Will I be able to access my historical data?

Without credible answers to these questions many clinics are unable to move forward on a solution to their real and present data management problems.

A Data Management Review provides your clinic with a clear implementation plan to deliver the process improvements you and your colleagues would like. Crucially this is a plan based on a detailed understanding of your unique processes and a comprehensive knowledge of the customisation and implementation tasks involved.

How do I arrange one?

To arrange your free Data Management Review simply contact Richard Tannenbaum on 01223 221007 or email info@acubase.co.uk

About ACUBase

ACUBase is a relational database that integrates the medical, scientific and operational functions of fertility clinics. It provides interlinked data capture, display and reporting modules for:

  • Patient records & letters
  • HFEA reporting
  • IVF & IUI treatments
  • Appointments & facilities
  • Invoicing & NHS waiting lists

It is fully compatible with Microsoft Word and Excel and enables clinics to minimise or eliminate most written documentation.

ACUBase has been developed by NSR Software Solutions together with Superbase Developers plc and in partnership with leading London fertility centres and is currently used by a number of clinics including Queen Mary's Hospital and The Bridge Centre.


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